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It is easy to get stuck in the motions of life and bury ourselves in distractions. Do you tend to keep busy, do you feel anxiousness in your downtime, do you experience ‘brain fog’ and disassociation, do you feel like you're doing too much and not enough all at the same time? These feelings are valid and deserve exploration. That feeling of my ‘life is okay but I feel unfulfilled, tired, anxious, sad, overwhelmed. It is okay to make a big deal out of what feels big to you! There is no getting a pass from tough times but there are tools to get through the tough times you are facing and I’d love to work on these with you.
I am here to not only be a sounding board, but a guide to assist you in navigating the rocky waters you are in right now. In a world of such uncertainty, anxieties, and changes going on, you deserve a space to unload your problems and tackle them with care, and at a pace that feels best to you. My goal is to help you get “unstuck”, and on a path back to you.
I sincerely congratulate you on taking this first step to search for help, it is not an easy step, and look at you conquering it. You have the potential to find meaningful connections with yourself and others and I hope to walk alongside you in the journey of reclaiming yourself. I look forward to you reaching out to see if I am the right fit for your needs.

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